We are happy to announce that we are expecting more litters for the summer! We are hoping for special facial markings, beautiful dark and light babies and as always, very sweet and nice tempered babies. Once they are two weeks old, our babies are all loved and held daily, always respecting the privacy of our mothers. We also send updated pictures to future families so you can see the growth and progress your baby is making, step by step!

What is the Pet Priority Waiting List?

Our Pet Priority Waiting List is where a deposit is paid to get first pick of new litters. Deposits are applied towards the purchase price. These hedgehogs may not be used for breeding (see our Policies). *NOTE: We reserve the right to reorder our list and refuse and refund (if applicable) any request to be added to any of our waiting lists for any reason. Please understand that certain colors, patterns, or facial markings may be offered to fellow breeders first and therefore may not be available as pets. Please review our Policies regarding deposits, sales, and waiting lists before requesting to be added to a waiting list.

Pet Priority Waiting List

  1. Meg P
  2. Tessa R
  3. Jessica B
  4. Carmen W
  5. Kassandra C
  6. Tamara B
  7. Wendie P
  8. Brian C
  9. Jaime B
  10. Rachel H
  11. James I